Yes, IT is changing, so get on with it....

I listened to a well-known figure speak this week who said “anyone who signs up to a career in technology signs up to a career of change” I would agree with that statement wholeheartedly, not only for individuals but also for businesses. Many are touting the current tech market as in one of its greatest phases of change ever and yes, I do agree with this but I also find it hard to think back to any point in my career and involvement in tech where the landscape couldn’t be described as “changeable”, it’s like when someone says that “the weather is changing” eventually it will happen. We are in a low period in terms of the overall economy, every day we hear about double dip recessions, negative growth and overall bad performance across all sectors which again is fairly obvious and hard to disagree with but if you are in technology and looking to progress, look at the IT market more closely, I would say the graphs are still on the + side of the scale and realistically, technology should be one of the last industries that stops growing, especially in the innovative and entrepreneurial side of things.


Keep innovating – that’s what we are here for, don’t get caught out watching the dollars roll in as someone will eventually do it cheaper, better and simpler.

Think of the end users – create products and solutions with the user in mind, those getting the most tractions these days are those who are simplified, let’s get away from this “oh you wouldn’t understand it anyway” mentality, yes these things are complex on the inside, but there is no need to profess that on the outside.

All play together – there is plenty of room for many companies in many tech sectors, stop worrying about the competition and get back to doing what you do best!

Be prepared to turn – If you are a tanker or a dinghy, don’t forget where the wheel is, you may need to make a sharp turn at a moment’s notice.

Offset the current economic difficulties with smart systems – If you can save a client money by being innovative then you product will fly off the shelves.

And finally:-

stop worrying about what’s bad in the tech world – concentrate on what’s good, the ever changing landscape should deal with anything bad soon enough…….