People Power is back

Over the last week I have been getting in to using Twitter. Have read a lot about the application and its real world examples of its innovative and lightning fast nature (see - first picture of the Hudson River accident). I have started thinking about this and it takes me back to the coffee pot experiment when I was at university and a lecturer was excitably talking about the Trojan room coffee pot in Cambridge university. This seemed such a crazy and pointless thing to do but in pure geek speak it was pretty cool, if not a little bit “techie”. Look at this now there is a webcam for everything and their use and appeal is massive. My feeling right now of the web is similar to what it was then, people are really starting to think outside the box and come up with something new. The advertisers had taken over to some extent but I think the future of the web is down to true ingenuity rather than ultra impressive. There will still be a place for these “high production cost” but I think the balance is with the people at the moment.


UK Snow map #snow – see it here
The Coffee pot was bought in an online auction, refurbished by the manufacturer and is back on the web…. See it here (crazy but cool!)