Happy Holidays from Steve Ballmer

I attended a presentation in London this year where Steve Ballmer CEO of Microsoft was talking. For those who were there or have ever seen him talk before, I must say he was captivating. Whether it is his experience or being a part of the biggest Software revolution in the history of computers that gives him such presence I don't know, but what I can say is his way to deliver a speech was second to none.

Anyway, as part of that speech, he said that he replies to all mails personally and does not actually get that many in a day. Wanting to put this to the test, I recently mailed him and low and behold a reply. Not sure if it came from a secretary but certainly know it came from somewhere in his office.



From: Steve Ballmer Sent: 17 December 2008 22:54To: Bryn MorganSubject: RE: Holiday Message

Thanks for your note

To all the customers and staff of Virtual IT, I wish you great holidays and a happy New Year!


I think I am going to start a new theme - how accessible are the people at the top of the biggest companies? I wouldn't expect much back as a reply but I am looking to pose questions to them all. Any suggestions of targets would be greatly appreciated.

And of course, in addition to Steve's note, Happy Holiday from me :)

And a special hi to Steve - thanks for the reply......