New to Blogging

I often get asked to comment or talk on certain subjects....

Leave your feedback here, comment here, be the first to say what you think, can you give a presentation on, what do you think of x, y, the price of fish, did you see the game, who is your favourite, where did you learn, what is the best, etc etc etc etc etc etc. As quite a talkative person I find it generally easy to answer questions like the above (usually whether i know what i am talking about or not, I always like a conversation :), the toughie from now on however is going to be picking subjects to write on that people are actually going read and be interested in so if you have any thoughts as the weeks go by please let me know.

The aim of this blog is to discuss and comment on a major part of my life to date, technology. I will likely end up talking about subjects closer to my job at times, (Managed Services to SME's) but do intend to comment on both consumer and business technology.

So there it is - my first blog post ever....

That's something new done today! :)